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Call for Proposals on SDN

A couple of weeks ago there was a Call for Proposals on SDN for SAP’s annual developer conference TechEd. All SDN members were invited to submit session abstracts for Munich, Bangalore and Las Vegas, which got preselected and are now up for voting by the community until 28th of May.

Linda Bortolus already asked you to vote last week, just like Nigel James did, who is also with two PHP related proposals in the finals. There is still one week left and this is your chance to raise your voice and vote for what and who do you want to see at TechEd this year. And even if you don’t plan to go there, take the time and vote your favorites. Maybe you will benefit from material of sessions released after TechEd.

I submitted three papers and two of them made it into the finals.

1. Unit Test for Enterprise Portal Applications

I became a member of an XP user group a couple of month ago. It’s located in Düsseldorf and we meet up once a month. The first sessions were exciting. The topic we started with was TDD and it was really eye opening to see this done live by a bunch of experienced developers. This is one of the things for me I just don’t get only by reading about it but I had to see and feel how it’s done to get my head around it.

As most of my current development is happening in Enterprise/NetWeaver Portal, it was an obvious next step to figure out how to do it in that environment. So this session is all about TDD and the tools and APIs to do Unit Test in EP and my experiences and lessons learned from the last couple of month.

2. Maximize your Productivity in NWDS

Maybe you have followed my “Pimp Up My NWDS” blog series on SDN. OK, there were only two and they were written already last year but only because there were no follow ups doesn’t mean I’m not constantly trying to optimize my virtual developer workplace where I have to spend most of my working time day by day. Actually I have another PUMN blog in the work and a bunch of other add-ons I’m using in NWDS and plan to write about.

But this session won’t be only about NWDS/Eclipse add-ons but also about how to build up your overall development environment. Development on the NetWeaver Java stack is very different that good old ABAP and I don’t talk about the language perspective here. To keep productive and stay independent you have to have your own server running and once you have to jump between projects with different Java WAS versions it can get nasty.

I wasn’t sure in the beginning if this would fit into the sessions topics that are normally covered but it got excepted for the finals so here we are.

Another sessions I want to point you to is the one by Christian Günther where he talks about Portal Security. Chris is a good friend of mine and I can say he knows what he’s talking about and I expect this to become a really interesting session.

And not to forget Gregor Wolf. He is also taking his chance and is in the finals with a session on Type3 integration.

Switch to Feedburner

I plan to move this blog to my own domain in the next two weeks. Therefor I would like to ask you to use my feed from Feedburner for future usage to decouple the feed from its original domain and prevent any problems during and after the switch. I’m using my Feedburner account and its resulting feed for a couple of month already and never experienced any problems. Just recently when checking my account I saw that they’ve added a bunch of new services they support as additional feed content like and a ton of other stuff, which made it even more compelling to do the switch. So if you’re subscribed to this blog please use the Feedburner feed instead. Thanks!

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