Posted on 11.14.06 to Podcast, TechEd by Oliver

zSAPping Podcast Episode 2

zSAPping Podcast Episode 2 – TechEd Conversations Part 2

This is the second part of the TechEd Conversations where I talk to a couple of the regular attendees about their time at TechEd 2006 and the experiences they had.

As time flies TechEd is already about one month ago. Listening to the conversations I had there for myself brings back memories to the great time I (we) had in Amsterdam. Hopefully it works for you too.

This episode is only about 10 minutes, perfect for a small walk after lunch, while doing the dishes or whenever you tend to listen to podcasts.

Make sure to check back next week, when I talk to Thomas Jung and Christopher Hearn from SAP.


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