Posted on 11.06.06 to Podcast, TechEd by Oliver

zSAPping Podcast Episode 1

zSAPping Podcast Episode 1 – TechEd Conversations Part 1

It was already out there (in text and audio) that i planed to do some podcasting from TechEd in Amsterdam. I prepared some stuff in the run-up but had no real mobile recording facility. Craig helped me out by giving me his MD recorder and also had some valueable tips on podcasting . Unfortunatly the audio quality was farly bad and some editing and remastering was necessary whereby releasing this stuff was a little bit delayed.

But finally it’s out so give it a try.

The first part are conversations that i had with three third party vendors (SGI, T-Systems and Microsoft) that where presenting there products in the booth area in the main hall. This was really offhand so please bear with me if this does not sound like a professional interview;) This part is about 30 minutes long but i still have to additional part that i’m going to release in the next weeks.

Go get it, have fun and let me now what you think or if you had any problems listening e.g. on your MP3 player.


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